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Betsan Powys | 07:03 UK time, Monday, 12 April 2010


A strong word and one used by the Welsh Secretary to describe the "wave of thousands and thousands of jobs" Labour are promising to create, or perhaps given the choice of words this morning, let loose in Wales.

That answers the 'what'. What about the 'how?'

We were told to expect no details on Wales in this morning's UK manifesto launch and there are few - some of them policies in areas that are devolved and where delivery is in the hands of the Assembly Government. The details will come on Thursday when Labour's Welsh manifesto is published but the pointers from Peter Hain are around "encouraging business and entrepreneurs," much made of opportunities to "benefit from off-shore energy developments around Wales' coast" without making big spending plans.

"Unleash? What's he got up his sleeve?" a colleague asked this morning? The answer is I don't know but that Thursday's document would seem to have an awful lot to deliver now.

In the meantime I'm off to Flint in the red corner of North East Wales where both Labour and the Conservatives in particular know so much is at stake on May 6th and from where the first of our debate programmes is broadcast tonight.

The question the Conservatives want undecided voters everywhere to answer on polling day? Is it time for a change or do you want another 5 years of Gordon Brown?

The question as framed by Labour? Are you quite sure that untested David Cameron, who got the recession wrong, isn't going to be wrong on the recovery too?

For the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru it's equally direct. Haven't you had a gutsful of both and want things done differently, fairer to all?

The answers? Some of them, at least, I hope to get out of the four parties as Election 2010 Wales Debates is broadcast tonight at 10.45pm on BBC1Wales.


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