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"Even the Welsh"

Betsan Powys | 20:01 UK time, Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Spelling out what is on your party's shopping list in the event of a hung parliament is one thing.

Convincing voters to buy the argument that you might have a key role to play after a close-run contest is another.

On Railway Terrace in Pontyberem, most people seemed to be out. Either that or they were hiding behind their curtains from Ieuan Wyn Jones and his canvassing team.

If they answered the door, their main concerns seemed to be about plans for an opencast mine on their doorstep, or the lack of support from the council for a young man and his pregnant girlfriend.

What should Plaid ask for in the event of a hung parliament?

Not a doorstep issue. Perhaps not bothered. Just not on the radar.

In Ammanford town centre there were Plaid voters aplenty "because that's what I do. I just do", "they do what's best for Wales don't they?"

Didn't they think their vote would be put to better use by one of the bigger parties? Or did they think Plaid will have a good General Election because a hung parliament seems possible, if not probable, giving a lie to the perennial 'irrelevant' tag?

They hadn't really thought about it. Best if Plaid were honest about what they wanted said one and yes, said others, why not strike a deal if one were on offer? Others voted Plaid because they always vote Plaid. "It's in here" said one lady, putting her fist to her stomach. "Don't ask me about politics. I don't know about that".

A lifelong Labour voter stopped to talk. Let's face it, he said, Plaid won't hold the balance of power or anything like it. It'll be the Libs who'll do that and the big parties will still run the show.

Might Gordon Brown have to consider sharing power after the election? It's a matter for the people to decide, he tells Nick Robinson today. Perhaps the Prime Minister should look up Rhodri Morgan's line about the 'unpalatable and the inedible' just in case it comes in handy.

Commentators on Nick's blog have been giving the possiblity some thought - the kind of thought that says no thanks to the notion of the SNP or Plaid Cymru having a hand on the levers of power after the election.

VirtualSilverLady puts it bluntly. "Will it be the Irish The Scots and even the Welsh".

Indeed, even the Welsh as Plaid Cymru will continue to remind you, every day between now and May 6th.


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