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99.5 Red Balloons

Betsan Powys | 18:44 UK time, Friday, 16 April 2010

_46864971_balloons_darpa.jpgFor the past few days I've been starting my day in Good Morning Wales' Manifesto Corner - a snug hideaway downstairs in the canteen where the coffee is, sadly, rather weak. Too early for the proper, strong stuff we're told.

Still, it hasn't held back the two who've been sharing their impressions of the parties' Welsh manifestoes: Jonathan Deacon, a senior lecturer in marketing and entrepreneurship at Newport Business School and Emma Taylor, head of Christ College Brecon, the first female head in its 400-odd year history.

Let's put it like this - they're no push-overs. Broad brushes are for wimps. These two have an eye for detail.

The head, who a few days ago winced at the grammar of 'Think different, think Plaid' was on form again this morning. She'd been through Labour's 100 promises for Wales like a dose of salts and spotted a bit of a doubler.

21. Roll out our new plans for a 'People's Bank' using the Post Office network to rural areas.

37. Create a People's Bank at the Post Office and a Universal Service Obligation on banks to serve every community.

More like 99.5 promises we decided.

Emma Taylor: 1

Welsh Labour: 0

At a guess the pupils of Christ College Brecon get away with very little.


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