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Two way traffic

Betsan Powys | 10:32 UK time, Thursday, 4 February 2010

First Mohammad Asghar leaves Plaid Cymru's benches to join the Conservatives. The Conservatives parade their new man. Plaid condemn the way he went about it and question his motives.

Now Plaid have confirmed a story that's been around for a few days that the President of the Conservative Association in Aberconwy - a seat that must be a straight fight between the Tories and Plaid - has decided to up sticks and join them. Why? Not because of a new-found zeal for further devolution and eventually, independence but because he knows the Plaid candidate well and "I realised that I could never vote for, or support, another candidate".

Cue the Conservatives who've got in first to condemn and question his motives. "Since Christmas Cllr. Tew has resigned from numerous positions including being Santa Claus for Conwy Town Council. He will be judged by the people of Deganwy who voted for a Conservative but are now lumbered with an alleged 'socialist and nationalist' at the next council election".

Conservative candidate Guto Bebb is of course right to point out that the people of Conwy are now "lumbered" with a politician who represents a party they had no idea he had any sympathy at all with when they elected him. A fair point from a candidate who has every chance of taking the seat and could do with unity in his local party in the run-up to polling day. And by the same token he'd probably accept that the people of South East Wales are "lumbered" with an Assembly Member who was elected because they voted for a party he ... doesn't represent.

Funny business, politics.

And talking about two way traffic, take a look at the interview our colleague in Westminster, Bethan James, recorded with out-going Islwyn MP Don Touhig yesterday, the first since he announced he's off. Listen closely to his response when he's asked whether he'd consider swapping Wesminster for Cardiff Bay.

I think we'll take it the answer is ... no.


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