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Out in front

Betsan Powys | 15:22 UK time, Thursday, 28 January 2010

The other day a colleague, who clearly knows far more about football than I do, compared the Conservatives' attitude to the election campaign with that other team in blue: Chelsea. They're out in front and keen at all costs to avoid a game-changing moment. Not exactly inspiring, you might argue but once you're in front, keep it that way and guess what - you end the game out in front too.

Now I know Bangor FC play in blue and so do Caersws (well if I'm honest I didn't know that until ten minutes ago) but whether either of them are particularly renowned for willing the ref to bring the 90 minutes to an end when they're out in front, I couldn't tell you.

Still, you've got the idea. The Conservatives know, as do we all, that the polls have been telling us for the past 10 months or so that they're some 10 points ahead of Labour. They're starting the match out in front. They look like finishing the match out in front. They want to keep it that way.

It''s that sort of attitude that informs reports that Cheryl Gillan met Carwyn Jones for the first time last week here in the Assembly. They chatted. It was very amicable and she found him easy to get on with. The message? If the Conservatives win the election, then all will be well. Cheryl Gillan reckons Carwyn Jones is a man she could do business with.

It's that sort of attitude that causes the Conservative party to distance themselves very quickly from the comments made by Monmouth MP David Davies about people "in some communities" who "have imported into this country barbaric and medieval views about women".

And it's that sort of attitude that has sources close to the Welsh Conservatives shaking their heads in disbelief and wishing their ever so slightly reckless midfielder had kept quiet.

It might suit some - and then only some - in Mr Davies' constituency to hear their MP voicing his opinions and see their MP hitting the headlines again, they suggest.

What about the other 39 constituencies across Wales?


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