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Big birds, little birds

Betsan Powys | 13:03 UK time, Wednesday, 6 January 2010

On the 15th/16th of January Welsh Labour MPs will be flocking to Llandrindod once again to meet their Assembly colleagues.

A suggestion in an E-mail message from one who'll be there that the timing of the referendum would be "a hot topic of conversation".

Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt have just provided them with another one, rather more urgent they might argue.

Ringaround of Welsh MPs underway, including those where, as the Email message put it "the only thing stopping (them) from stepping down immediately is the certainty of having an all-woman shortlist imposed".

Remember the little bird I quoted at the end of this entry?

Kim Howells has already said he's off, so two questions: who's next and is that little bird still smiling, let alone laughing?

UPDATE: Welsh Labour MPs - those who've picked up the phone at least - so far backing the Prime Minister. They are a mixture of "totally bewildered", "100% behind Gordon", of the view that this move is "insane".


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