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Grit your teeth

Betsan Powys | 18:41 UK time, Friday, 8 January 2010

_45441544_gritter_226.jpgSome of you, at least, will be glad to know that a day's silence on the blog was down to a day's filming which will, I hope, be of some use to my colleagues beyond Wales.

The object of the exercise was to remind them, as they prepare for the General Election, that Gordon Brown/David Cameron/Nick Clegg - tick the relevant box - aren't really talking to Welsh voters at all when they make pledges about the future of the NHS/waiting times for cancer treatment/Sure Start schemes/ investment in schools and so the list goes on.

After all part of our job is making sure we know that, so that there's every chance you, as voters, are clear about it too.

This morning came the news that David Cameron was coming to Wales and was heading to Newport to visit a depot where road salt was being farmed out.

What's the first question that came to one producer's mind? "I thought I'd better check. Is gritting devolved or not?"

The answer is yes, sort of. The conversation that ensued suggested some political unit staff know more about the jagged edges of gritting, post-devolution, than is good for them.

And it's only January 8th. Roll out the gritters and roll on the next four months.

By the way Mr Cameron, as you may have seen, got to meet his party's newest recruit in Wales, Mohammad Asghar (or should that be the other way round?) As it's been so quiet in the Assembly it's been hard for some in Cardiff Bay not to notice Mr Asghar's daughter, Natasha, apparently at work in his office.

Given her Dad's reasons for crossing the floor from Plaid to the Tories , her presence has raised eyebrows. I'm told by Conservatives that the eyebrows can relax. She is not working for her father.


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