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Thank you ... oh and goodbye.

Betsan Powys | 14:24 UK time, Thursday, 3 December 2009

I've heard of people being dumped by Email, text and even fax.

But Andrew Davies appears to have been sacked from the cabinet by press release. I give you Carwyn Jones' statement:

"From his first ministerial job as Business Manager, through to his current role as Finance Minister in the most trying circumstances, he was has shown unstinting dedication, skill and enthusiasm. I of course understand his decision to concentrate his energies on serving his Swansea West constituents for the next 16 months before going on to pursue other interests".

Not exactly what Mr Davies said, was it? But there appears to be little doubt about what exactly Mr Jones is saying.

"Has the Finance MInister just been sacked via press release?" I ask a Labour party source. Had the two men spoken? "The words of the statement are the words. They say what they say" he says. "You interpret them as you will".

I will. How about thank you and goodbye?


I understand that the First Minister elect is yet to rule anyone in - or out - of his Cabinet. There. That's clear then. The words only appeared to say what they said.


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