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It's Carwyn

Betsan Powys | 16:23 UK time, Tuesday, 1 December 2009

carwyn_226.jpg90% of the money that was put on the Welsh Labour leadership race was put on Carwyn Jones.

Comfortable. Sweeping. Decisive. Even crushing. Insert your adjective of choice here.

Here are the figures.

Carwyn Jones - 51.98 per cent
Edwina Hart - 29.19 per cent
Huw Lewis - 18.84 per cent

No need for the computers to whirr into action for the second ballot - it's outright victory - and a substantial mandate as party leader.

A breakdown of the figures within the electoral college system shows what a commanding win this was for Carwyn Jones.

In the first 33 per cent of the college, elected members, he won 17 per cent, as against Edwina Hart's 9 per cent and Huw Lewis's 7 per cent.

In the second 33, individual party members, his victory was even more decisive, winning 18 per cent, against Edwina Hart's 8 per cent and Huw' Lewis's 7 per cent.

In the third 33, unions and affiliated organisations, Carwyn Jones won 17 per cent, versus 11 per cent for Edwina Hart and 5 per cent for Huw Lewis

So it was a clear win in each of the three colleges.

In terms of individual unions, Carwyn Jones was virtually level pegging with Edwina Hart among Unite members - by far the largest union, and one that had endorsed her to win.

He won Unison by a substantial four to one majority over Edwina Hart, and the GMB by a similar margin.

The outgoing Labour leader and First Minister Rhodri Morgan said afterwards he felt six feet nine tall with the weight that had been lifted from his shoulders. Carwyn Jones is about to feel what it's like to carry that weight.


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