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Oh yes there is.

Betsan Powys | 14:05 UK time, Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Plaid have responded quickly.

They clearly knew there was a statement on the way. Rhodri Morgan is, after all, down to make one this afternoon. But it seems equally clear they thought they knew what was in it. They knew what was in it and how it was to be worded.

What was published by Welsh Labour just over an hour ago wasn't it.

The result? A warning from Plaid that their coalition with Labour is in serious danger of collapsing.

If you rule out any progress towards a devolution referendum until after the General Election say Plaid Cymru - and I'm talking senior sources - then be aware that this is the most serious threat to the coalition since its formation.

It is, say Plaid, a "serious breach of trust" and "completely unacceptable".

How serious? "There is no way the party would allow its ministers to sit around the table with Labour if this is allowed to stand."

Which means Rhodri Morgan or his successor must do what what if they want to placade Plaid?

They must make it entirely clear that the coalition will not be jeopardised by Labour's internal politics.

The possiblity of a referendum next Autumn must be there.

Technically a vote after a General Election would allow that - but only just and only technically. Therefore a vote to trigger a referendum must happen before a General Election.

What if Rhodri Morgan's successor won't sign up to that?

The warning is ominous and comes from a party that is very, very angry at the top: "Then they should remember that they can't become First Minister without our vote".

And just for good measure: "They've got to remember that they're in coalition with Plaid, not Peter Hain".


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