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On your marks

Betsan Powys | 10:02 UK time, Wednesday, 30 September 2009

_38117804_sprint_start.gifThere's a "very important meeting" happening at lunchtime tomorrow in Transport House.

I think I can already hear the sound of a starting pistol firing.

All Welsh Labour AMs - or comrades in this instance - have been invited along to the first half of a special meeting of the Welsh Executive Committee. Once the WEC formally accepts Mr Morgan's intention to stand down, the race will officially be on. An announcement made within 48 hours of his birthday counts as "on or around" I think.

It just can't be helped, I suppose Labour would argue, that the announcement is being made just in time for the candidates to come out and launch their campaigns ... just as the Conservatives want to make a splash at their conference in Manchester.

All of those non-Labour sources who've said the plan is to look on at the battle over the next eight weeks and "rise above it" had better start practising.


By the way an Email arrived yesterday to remind us all that The All Wales Convention will be ready to report in November - in fact, "before the end of November. Sir Emyr Jones Parry says "Analysing all the evidence we've collected from organisations and members of the public is both fascinating and challenging. We are on schedule and I remain confident that we will have the report completed and published before the end of November".

Given Rhodri Morgan has made it clear he's not going anywhere until the budget has been put to bed - in other words December 8th - in whose inbox will the Convention's report end up?


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