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Betsan Powys | 09:30 UK time, Friday, 28 August 2009

Back in May the Plaid leader of Caerphilly council went to Afghanistan where he visited troops and local families affected by the conflict. Given his well known anti-war stance the visit divided opinion.

Now it looks as though Lindsay Whittle has had an offer to take up arms himself ... at least I assume even clay pigeon shooting requires some sort of gun.

Who makes the offer? None other than former Secretary of State for Wales and independent member of Caerphilly Council, Ron Davies. Along with details of a shoot in a "delightful country retreat" in the Sirhowy Valley - which he extends to fellow Cabinet members - he adds the message "Any one fancy a challenge?"

Plaid Councillor Allan Pritchard spots a flaw in the whole concept.

"I wonder if it is a bright idea to entrust elected members with loaded shotguns. More importantly and bearing in mind the high regard that cabinet members are held in by some of this group, I must question the wisdom of mixing guns, landowners, business people and councillors within shooting range of one another. Having had recent front line combat duties, I wonder if our Great Leader could attend in his flack jacket and combat gear to represent us at this event".

Great Leader Whittle is non-committal.

Who'd have had the former Welsh Secretary down as a member of the shooting brigade?

By the way I assume clay pigeon shooting requires accuracy ... as does making sure you don't send Email challenges to the wrong people.


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