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On a lighter note ...

Betsan Powys | 17:14 UK time, Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Or perhaps that should be 'harder note'.

Elected members with moats may be few and far between in Wales but elected members concerned about tarmac drives? Ah yes, we have one of those.

Labour's Joyce Watson has won the ballot to introduce a new Legislative Competence Order - you know, an opportunity to gain new powers for the Assembly, to forge ahead bravely towards the next decade of devolution.

Her proposed order is to go for extended powers "in relation to the construction and/or replacement of hard surfaces incidental to the enjoyment of residential premises or providing vehicular or pedestrian access to and egress from new residential premises".

I'm sure Ms Watson has flooding problems in mind but hope she'll forgive those who've already dubbed it "The Pavements and Driveways LCO".

The Lib Dems must be tamping that they've missed out on an opportunity to engage in some pavement politics.


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