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Labour versus the Rest Mark 2

Betsan Powys | 23:30 UK time, Thursday, 26 March 2009

What was that about Labour versus the rest?

Remember this?

Nick Bourne was forced to spend his Sunday afternoon shouting "mea culpa" from the rooftops when it turned out he had, after all, sanctioned a document that personally attacked the First Minister.

Rhodri Morgan said he'd rise above "really unpleasant political stuff" like being dubbed the clown prince of Wales.

A Labour party spokesperson condemned a "petty personal attack" at a time when the opposition party should be putting forward policy ideas at its autumn conference.

So on the eve of another Tory conference, you just wonder what the Welsh Conservatives will make of Eluned Morgan MEP, Peter Hain MP and Alun Davies AM launching a new political website. It is, says Alun Davies, "an opportunity to create a positive and constructive debate about the future of Wales". It features an attack on Tory Toff, David Cameron. Does the name Edward Timpson ring a warning bell?

What will Plaid make of a website that portrays their leading lights as clowns and adopts the name of "Welsh warrior" Owain Glyndwr? Wasn't he, to use the website's own language, what you might term "a gobby nat", a bit of a fan of independence for Wales?

And what will You Tube surfers make of Eluned Morgan's cover version of Tom Jones' Delilah? Why, why, why vote Tory ... Plaidi? "An Obama moment for Welsh Labour" or with an appearance by Margaret Thatcher and John Redwood, a sign that the cupboard is startlingly bare?

What, you wonder, does Rhodri Morgan make of it?

More importantly for Labour right now: what exactly will you see in it?

Labour versus the rest - and how.


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