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Have a laugh.

Betsan Powys | 16:58 UK time, Friday, 13 March 2009

On red nose day, have a go at a short quiz.

Some of these people were trying to be funny, others weren't but let me stress that any elected politicians involved did NOT do it for money (at least not money they weren't fully entitled to claim).

The first to leave a comment that turns the subject from quiz answers to the Welsh language or the constitutional future of Wales has to make a donation of £10.00 to Comic Relief. Anyone who subsequently offends gets away with a fiver. Here goes:

"These are very searching questions. You should do this for a living." Who said this and to whom?

Why do Rhodri and Ieuan always dance to Norman Sayers' tune?

Who told their fellow Assembly Members they wanted "to confine myself to North Wales?"

Which Welsh Minister admits they were tempted by an Email (sent on April 1st last year) inviting them to join Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's new party, established to promote good design? They were particularly struck by a manifesto pledge to ban net curtains.

Which former civil servant appeared before an Assembly committee this week wearing cufflinks, one saying 'Yes', the other 'No'?

Which 'Thatcher's child' wrote this about his own generation and presumably, about some of his mates? "There is no self respect in these people, no ambition for themselves, no hope to contribute anything to the area, nation or world they live in".

Who did Mark Thompson suggest might be sad not to see camera crews from both ITV and the BBC at press conferences in future ... because "someone of your, you know, good looks, you might argue the finer point of exactly which angle of your face ... " should be captured.

If you want a laugh at my expense, then S4C's Cor Cymru - Welsh Choir of the Year - tomorrow night at 20.05 on S4C is a good bet. No close ups on the bum notes would be nice.


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