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All the answers

Betsan Powys | 17:48 UK time, Tuesday, 17 March 2009

You either knew every answer to every quiz question and filled them in at home so no-one could copy, or you knew none, cared even less and went to the pub.

Either way, here they are:

"These are very searching questions. You should do this for a living." Who said this and to whom?

Lord Stephen Carter (being a smoothie) to Joyce Watson when he appeared before the Culture Committee.

Why do Rhodri and Ieuan always dance to Norman Sayers' tune?

Because both are names given to fairground horses on the Norman Sayers owned merry-go-round outside the Senedd.

Who told their fellow Assembly Members they wanted "to confine myself to North Wales?"

Eleanor Burnham.

Which Welsh Minister admits they were tempted by an Email (sent on April 1st last year) inviting them to join Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's new party, established to promote good design? They were particularly struck by a manifesto pledge to ban net curtains.

Elin Jones. Watch this net-curtain-free space.

Which former civil servant appeared before an Assembly committee this week wearing cufflinks, one saying 'Yes', the other 'No'?

John Walter Jones, Chairman of the S4C authority.

Which 'Thatcher's child' wrote this about his own generation and presumably, about some of his mates? "There is no self respect in these people, no ambition for themselves, no hope to contribute anything to the area, nation or world they live in".

Luke Ellis - right hand man to Carwyn Jones - on his blog. If you're a former schoolfriend, then I'm guessing he's buying ..!

Who did Mark Thompson suggest might be sad not to see camera crews from both ITV and the BBC at press conferences in future ... because "someone of your, you know, good looks, you might argue the finer point of exactly which angle of your face ... " should be captured.

Alun Cairns (and yes, he did laugh in a self-deprecating kind of way).


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