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Out on a limb

Betsan Powys | 00:12 UK time, Friday, 27 February 2009

It's late but the job is done.

Nick Bourne has reshuffled his shadow cabinet and Jonathan Morgan, the man seen by many as the obvious choice to replace Mr Bourne, certainly the most openly critical of his leadership, is out on a limb. What was that about leaving it too late?

He has no portfolio but will be nominated as chair of "the very influential Audit Committee". A strong adjective to describe a man who is now in a much weakened position.

The ultra loyal William Graham has gone too. He keeps his position on the Assembly Commission and the money that goes with that job but the role of Chief Whip along with heritage and business manager has gone to Alun Cairns. He'll speak on the economy alongside David Melding. Why two? Because it "underlines just how seriously Welsh Conservatives take the challenge of helping Wales emerge in a strong position from the recession".

Andrew R.T Davies takes over at health, Paul Davies education and the Welsh language. Darren Millar takes on local government, Angela Burns the environment portfolio but will continue to chair the Finance Committee. Mark Isherwood will speak on social justice and Brynle Williams rural affairs so not, after all, transport. Was the former fuel protester ever offered that particular job? "Can't comment" comes the answer.

So no job for Jonathan Morgan and no doubt either who's in charge, for now.


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