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Red letter day

Betsan Powys | 18:10 UK time, Thursday, 4 December 2008

Monday December the 8th was to have been a red letter day for all 60 Assembly Members. At least I imagine there may be one or two AMs who, sitting at their desks in Cardiff Bay, had put a note in their diary - in red ink - simply saying "Expenses published today".

A breakdown of how much AMs have been spending and on what was due to be published on Monday but not any more. Just as we start debating what to expect, who's heard what, we're told it's more likely the figures will be released during the following week now ... in other words, during recess.

One former AM is convinced that someone in Cardiff Bay is - or ought to be - getting "twitchy".

If so, they'll have to twitch a little longer and make sure they're out and about and unavailable in the constituency when the red letter day does arrive.

In the meantime make Sir Roger Jones' day.

The man chairing the independent panel reviewing AMs' expenses and allowances is on tonight's Dragon's Eye and is keen to hear from you. He wants you to have your say. He must have thought this issue, above all others, would get the ink flowing. So far, how many have replied, online at least? None.

By the way the photograph is of Cardiff Bay - with the Senedd on the extreme right (what a line) - at 3am this morning. It comes courtesy of a colleague who works some daft hours writing bulletin stories and who is, if you ask me, clearly wasted in radio.


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