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Oh yes I would

Betsan Powys | 12:42 UK time, Monday, 15 September 2008

Kirsty Williams, according to one of her most ardent fans, is 'pathologically incapable of saying something she doesn't believe'.

So believe this: as Welsh Lib Dem leader she would take her party into coalition with the Conservatives. Her answer was as straightforward an answer as you can get to a straightforward question: 'Yes, I would. There you have it' (IF it delivers a good deal for Wales of course).

Not a "U-turn" on her position over the rainbow coalition last year she explained, just in case anyone in the cosy conference room might have been left with that impression. No, she opposed the so-called rainbow deal because it was never deliverable.

"I can't brush over the fact that there was a disagreement then" - that much she was happy to admit - "but that deal was never deliverable. I would have been open to a deal if I thought it would have been deliverable".

Now it must be said that some of us got a rather different impression back then, the impression that she'd be hung, drawn and quartered by her supporters if she'd even countenanced such a deal. But not so says Kirsty who'll hope that more than just her ardent supporters are prepared to believe her.

Will there be a leadership election at all? Kirsty ('I'm doing my best Betsan, I'M out there) remains in the dark.

So are we. So are all the Welsh Lib Dems I've asked. So, perhaps, is Jenny Randerson?


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