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Monday Monday

Betsan Powys | 11:52 UK time, Monday, 8 September 2008

Glad to be back at your desk?

Dafydd Iwan's back as Plaid president beating Elfyn Llwyd by 2500 votes to1800. No desk as far as I know, just relief all round in Plaid's new HQ that things didn't get messier.

How do we know how many of Plaid's 7300 members voted and for whom?

It's no thanks to Plaid who apparently have a policy of keeping stumm about actual results. Another call this morning: are you quite sure about that? "Yes." Why? "I'm not sure really but that's how it's always been ... from what I've gathered".

The approximate figures slipped out in conversation with the man who got 1800 - just in case anyone thought he'd taken a drubbing.

Earl Grey can console himself with this and the thought that he won't now face the arduous task of signing personalized adoption certificates for loyal Plaid voters queuing up to buy a brick in their new HQ as a "great gift for a friend". With friends like that ...

And what of Welsh Assembly Government staff? Itching to get back to their desks come Monday morning? Not exactly, according to the annual Staff Survey. (Apologies if you took this home as bed-time reading during the Summer: I'm playing catch-up).

Now granted plenty of WAG staff will tell you the Staff Survey isn't worth the paper it's written on/time it takes to work out whether you truly 'understand how your work contributes to the obectives of the organisation' on a scale of 1 - 5 etc. As a BBC employee I have more than a little sympathy with them.

Granted more believe they earn a fair whack for what they do this year than last - 9% more. 69% enjoy their work and 60% would recommend the Welsh Assembly Government as a good place to work.

But look among the lowest favourable scores and you'll find that only 25% responded favourably to the statement: "I have confidence in the Management Board".

Only 28% agree that 'The organisation puts the citizen at the heart of its decision making".

And how many are proud to work for the Welsh Assembly Government this year compared to last?

54%, down by what looks like a pretty significant 24% from last year.

Is it simply because the way they measure these things has changed? Or are WAG staff trying to tell Dame Gillian Morgan something?


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