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It's a No.

Betsan Powys | 22:55 UK time, Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Yes, we have a No campaign.

The group calls itself "True Wales" because "members felt that those who support Wales' presence in the United Kingdom have been for too long unfairly categorised as "anti-Welsh". True Wales aims to represent the true feelings of the huge majority of people in Wales who wish to remain in the United Kingdom".

Who are its members?

They describe themselves as "Labour, Conservative and Independent politicians and activists who believe that further law-making powers for the Assembly would lead the people of Wales down the slippery slope to independence".

There are two Davids involved: one, David Rees is a Labour councillor from Risca - a man who has argued the case against further devolution in the past and having met him more than once, I can guarantee that this David never imagined he'd be lining up alongside the other one: the Conservative MP for Monmouth.

David TC Davies MP announced his own intention of forming a No campaign a few weeks ago and fear of "Soviet style poverty" for Wales has persuaded him to throw in his lot with 'True Wales'.

"I want Wales to remain an integral part of the United Kingdom and I shall be pleased to be working with Socialists, Liberals and Independents who share that commitment. Whatever our political differences on other issues, I believe that we can represent the views of the majority of people in Wales".

What do they want? A referendum.

When do they want it? Soon.

Ditch the All Wales Convention and its fact-sharing, fact-gathering mission is the message. No need for a "propaganda campaign undertaken with the full might of the machinery of government. The people of Wales are astute enough to know the answer to the question is either "yes" or "no".

On Tuesday the First Minister and his Deputy made it clear that they have absolutely no intention of counter-launching a Yes campaign.

Let's see if 'True Wales' makes its mark - more of a mark than many in Cardiff Bay seem to be anticipating.


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