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In the pink

Betsan Powys | 22:22 UK time, Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Rhodri Morgan WAS in the Eisteddfod pavilion to hear the Verdi Requiem, sung in Latin, on Tuesday night - ok?

You mean, you hadn't heard that the First Minister had left before Bryn Terfel took to the stage?

Neither had I as it goes but someone clearly had. And that someone had done their job properly and checked whether the First Minister had had to leave early because he was, perhaps, unwell?

Apparently not. He was there. He heard every note. He sat in the front row. He even attended a BBC reception and kissed the Controller on both cheeks he told me with some gusto, just in case the point needed stressing. And he feels very well thank you very much. So well he'd bounded out of his seat to take a ticket to his wife Julie, who'd arrived a little later and had to be met at the gates.

Someone clearly saw him leave but didn't spot him coming back. An upbeat First Minister rather wished he'd let the BBC report his absence so he could sue us and fill Labour Party coffers. They may well, after all, need something with which to fight an election.

Both Andrew Davies-es made it to the Eisteddfod maes, or field, today and the Conservative Education spokesman, Andrew RT Davies, has decided he's rather more of a fan of the Eisteddfod that he'd imagined. Not because he spent the day glad-handing representatives from the education sector but because the festival is coming to the Vale of Glamorgan in 2012.

Guess whose farm is on the short-list as a site for the maes?

And guess who'd get paid a decent whack if the pink pavilion ended up in his field?

Got it in one.

I wonder whether "making good my field" would come under his Additional Costs Allowance?


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