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Captain Devo

Betsan Powys | 20:31 UK time, Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Aliens are threatening to take over the world and Britain is facing an intergalactic invasion.

Who can save us from impending doom?

The answer, in the world of Marvel's latest Captain Britain cartoon strip, is Super Gordon Brown.

But wait a minute, when three cabinet ministers are aliens in disguise, when you're truly staring disaster in the face, what do you do if you're Super Gordon Brown's special adviser?

Well you do the most natural thing in the world apparently - you notify the Scottish First Minister.

No mention of Rhodri Morgan, granted but if proof were needed that devolution has started to reach the parts other political processes hasn't reached, here it is.

But it hasn't yet, the BBC learns today, reached all of its parts. A report written for the BBC Trust finds a lot of good things to say, particularly about the impartiality of the corporation's reporting. But it finds a lot to criticise too about the way in which news and current affairs programmes broadcast on the network have so far told the story of devolution, of living in a changing UK.

It's thoughtful and detailed. A 136 stories on health and education analysed during a four week period - every single one dealt with England alone. 208 Westminster MPs interviewed in stories relating to devolved issues, 27 Scottish MSPs, one AM.

The report lets some of the more stark statistics do the talking.

Now feel free to do yours.


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