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Bloody noses

Betsan Powys | 11:25 UK time, Friday, 23 May 2008

Two big battles yesterday and two big drubbings.

Tamsin Dunwoody - or perhaps Gordon Brown's Labour - turned a 7,000 inherited majority in Crewe and Nantwich into a 7,860 loss.

Applying 17.6% swings to a General Election may mean very little but you can bet there'll be Welsh Labour MPs in all four corners of Wales who are all too aware it would take a lot, lot less to oust them.

Prepare not just for talk of relaunching in Wales but for full-on attempts to be seen to be listening to the people who, at the moment, are not just dismissing but deriding Labour with their votes.

And at the Glamorgan Wanderers Rugby Ground last night the WRU President's XV beat the National Assembly Presiding Officer's XV by 80 to 36 (though not quite into a pulp).

Captain Alun Cairns may take comfort from the fact that at least Labour are feeling more pain than he is this morning.


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