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Don't blame us ...

Betsan Powys | 14:33 UK time, Friday, 25 April 2008

Ever got on a train and hoped that guy you know and who's got on it too will leave you alone and not spoil the journey by sitting in the same carriage as you?

Spare a though then for Gordon Brown and David Cameron who found they were both travelling to Wales on the same train this morning.

When they got here, what did they do?

One heads off to Cardiff City Centre to talk to 'ordinary people' before heading off to Barry ('what's occurin Dave?) and the Vale of Glamorgan. The other heads off to look around the
brand spanking new Institute of Life Sciences, part of the School of Medicine at Swansea University. He may have come across 'an ordinary voter' but I didn't spot one myself.

Why? Is there a hint in this quote from a letter that the Labour party locally are distributing in Wrexham?

"All too often local elections become about national politics-what do you think of the Labour Government? However our local problems deserve a true vote on their own merits. We urge those of you planning to vote on polling day not to vote for or against us just because of our central party. "

Don't hold back guys.


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