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Hyia butt!

Betsan Powys | 12:14 UK time, Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The posh doors were flung open yesterday and let me tell you, that doesn't happen very often.

Usually when we're called to a photo opportunity on the Senedd steps - and there have been plenty of those recently - the politicians stride purposefully through the same door as you and I do. Some, who've seen it all before, amble out, guarding against the cold wind of Cardiff Bay.

But not yesterday. For the new Welsh Secretary the posh doors, the ones I've only seen used before for the Queen on State Opening days, were thrown open. From our position outside we watched as Mr Murphy and Mr Morgan strode through the Neuadd, chatting animatedly as they went. On cue the man stationed at the posh doors threw them open.

If there's one things you know about the Senedd then no doubt you'll know it's transparent, or 'see-through' as one lad on a visit from West Wales once told me. The National Assembly likes to make the point that their home "is completely transparent at the public level and sits on a slate plinth which steps upwards from the waterfront and houses the private spaces of the building."

So we watched as they appeared beneath the "gently undulating roof" but yesterday there was no ambling. Paul Murphy and Rhodri Morgan knew what there were there to do and had ten minutes to do it before the new man headed back to London. It was a day for striding and for making a point.

What was that point? That Mr Murphy and Mr Morgan are mates; they're friends; butts since the old days when they arrived in Westminster as new boys together. I gather they were out to dinner on Sunday night and that Mr Murphy's first words when he walked into the office yesterday were "hyia butt". I think it's fair to say they wouldn't have been Mr Hain's choice of words.

Every other sentence was peppered with "trust" and "friendship". The purpose of the exercise was as transparent as the building: no-one believes the road ahead will be "gently undulating", in fact it's a pretty certain bet it'll be bumpy but these two are mates, who trust each other and that means they will get to the end of the road in one piece.

I almost swore I could hear the Rembrants' famous theme tune playing over the Senedd sound system but no, I must have imagined it. But we all heard the message loud and clear.

'When the rain starts to fall' Mr Murphy and Mr Morgan will be there for each other.

When some MPs have a moment of epiphany and realise there are things that are no longer their official business, Mr Murphy 'will be there' for Mr Morgan and his gang.

When some AMs have a moment of epiphany and realise there are things that are not - yet, if ever - their official business, Mr Morgan 'will be there' for Mr Murphy and his gang.

Job done, off they strode, still chatting, still keen to let us know that in this relationship, neither friend will be more equal than the other.

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  • 1.
  • At 06:33 PM on 29 Jan 2008,
  • valleysmam wrote:

Job done then
Ten Minutes for Wales and lots of time for old butty Rhodri.
Just about sums it up for me.
We need new insight , new thinking not moth balls.

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