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The Archive Hour

Betsan Powys | 00:13 UK time, Thursday, 20 December 2007

No I haven't gone awol, nor have I gone on annual leave. I've just disappeared into that other realm, the world of "end of year review packages" where trawling through the archives and searching for revealing clips fills every minute of every day.

My greatest frustration at this late hour is that I still can't find a shot on tape anywhere in the building of Plaid Cymru's election campaign poster - you know the one that promised to kick Labour into touch. It worked so well they got to keep Labour in power. I've seen it used as a screensaver in the office - we like irony - but a shot of the original? I think we're about to give up. If you have one stashed away amongst your home movies, treasure it (or become a citizen journalist and tell me about it).

I've also been in the realm of nativity plays. My son played the (very loud) inn-keeper. His first line was "We're full!" which he delivered with some gusto. The very next line was "You can stay 'ere" which made me think the Legislative Competence Order on affordable housing must have been rushed through rather quickly.

Now where IS that tape?

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  • At 07:20 AM on 20 Dec 2007,
  • Pleidiwr wrote:

Statement from the Plaid Truth & Reconciliation Committee re. the alleged "campaign poster".

"It never happened. We never had one and you must have imagined it. We did have a "Kick the Tories into Touch" poster that some people just didn't read properly. There aren't any of those left either."

Hopefully that clears the matter up to everyone's satisfaction!

  • 2.
  • At 02:53 PM on 20 Dec 2007,
  • Bedd Gelert wrote:

Any chance of a Welsh politician wading into the 'Sali Mali' row saying that we should be willing to 'hug hoodies' to prevent them falling into a life of crime..

  • 6.
  • At 07:09 AM on 23 Dec 2007,
  • aunty Blairite wrote:

Plaid's poster said they wanted to kick NEW Labour into touch. Isn't that what this coalition is trying to do?

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