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Good Morning

Betsan Powys | 08:49 UK time, Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Good Morning Wales team roll up at the Imperial, the conference hotel at 5am. In the corner a table full of Welsh delegates looking a bit like Vivienne Westwood and her mates. The good news? Most of them are on the programme in a few hours' time. The bad news? They're just getting round to ordering one for the road.

"And the headlines this morning ..."

BBC Wales is running the story that the Welsh Assembly Government is expected to announce plans to improve transport links between North and South, including a fast train service.

The phone rings. 'We haven't been talking about 'fast'. It's ... 'fast-er'. Aha.

7.00am and David Cameron arrives as if on a bullet train. GMTV, Sky, Scotland, Today ... 7.55, it must be Wales.

'Anything particularly Welsh you want to ask me about?'
'Yes Mr Cameron, devolution'.
'Ooh great' his eyes say; his mouth talks about 'making devolution work', 'no big changes, let's make devolution work', 'look what people in Wales care about is health, education ...'

Do you expect to see an awful lot about devolving more power to Wales in the Welsh Conservative Manifesto (IF they need one?)

No, neither do I.

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If Nick Bourne wants to convince Plaid members that he is all for greater devolution and a Parliament for Wales David Cameron will have to do far better than that!

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