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The Lansdown'e' etc

Betsan Powys | 11:30 UK time, Thursday, 13 September 2007

She may be about to become Plaid's new Chief Executive but Gwellian Lansdown will be no stranger to multi-tasking. Asked to book in Leanne Wood and Chris Franks' office staff into a Llandudno Hotel this week, where did she choose?

The Lansdowne Hotel. Signs of megalomania? Certainly not she assures me. It's just that the list of Llandudno hotels was very, very long, time was very, very short and the name just kind of jumped out at her. And it does have an 'e' which hers doesn't.


11.37 and I've just heard it for the first time from Gareth Jones AM. What? "Plaid is making a difference'. Iv'e just heard too who might be one of the "one or two" who are behind the push to get rid of the women first on the regional lists policy. More digging.

12.14 I've just spent 50p on a copy of Jemeima, the magazine of Plaid's Women's Section. It's been worth every penny. Helen Mary Jones has contributed an article on what NOT to wear.

1. NEVER wear bright red lipstick
2. Be careful of cleavage ... this is a particular problem for women AMs because the public in the gallery are looking down at us
3. Beware of prints .. you'll look like a curtain
4. NEVER jeans. Over 30 and it's mutton dressed as lamb (sorry David Cornock)

But no mention of scarves at all ....

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  • 1.
  • At 05:13 PM on 13 Sep 2007,
  • Ceri Evans wrote:

Really? Does this constitute a story or is this what happens when correspondents have to blog on a slow news day.

  • 2.
  • At 08:23 PM on 16 Sep 2007,
  • Vern wrote:

Sad but true... the chief executive job of a governing party comes with the added bonus of having every fine detail scrutinised! Or 'goodbye life, hello politics' as one newly-elected AM was heard to mutter recently...

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