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Early birds

Betsan Powys | 10:50 UK time, Tuesday, 12 June 2007

So Rhodri Morgan and Jane Hutt were up early and have been talking already to Plaid's Ieuan Wyn Jones and Jocelyn Davies.

What's on the table? 'All options' according to the First Minister at this morning's lobby briefing - in other words, a direct suggestion that a red-green coalition has not been ruled out.

Mr Morgan will now go back to the Labour group to seek their endorsement to resume talks with Plaid.

An edge to his voice at one point when he made clear that he 'has an ability to negotiate and intercede with Westminster which the rainbow coalition wouldn't". Was that a threat, he was asked? No certainly not, he said, just making the point that he could open more doors than they could.

A morning of lobby briefings ahead: next up, the Conservatives. Talking later to the Liberal Democrats, whose letter of response to Rhodri Morgan bears an uncanny resemblance to Plaid's.

UPDATE: What did Nick Bourne make of Rhodri Morgan's suggestion that the Rainbow Alliance simply wouldn't be able to deliver because they won't be able to 'open doors' in Westminster?

He's starting "to sound like Ceascescu on his balcony". Rather more colourful than the Tory press release which has him down as a "roadblock to reform".

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After this evenings news, it's nice to know that everyone is getting on well again. I was beginning to wonder if all the love went out of Welsh politics (big smile).

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