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Chat-up lines that work? Share yours here

The One Show Team | 16:14 UK time, Monday, 28 September 2009

"I seem to have lost my number, can I have yours instead?"

  Ed trying his lines on AngelaAccording to a survey, cheesy chat up lines do work.

Apparently, women are more likely to respond to a funny line because, hmmm, a sense of humour is an attractive quality in a mate.

So, we'd like to hear your chat-up lines. Add them to the blog.

Did your chat up line work so well, you're still together years later?

  • Click here to send in your photo, with your chat-up line and romantic story.
    • Or - the email address to send your photo to is: theoneshowemailsA@bbc.co.uk.

      Please note this email address is only used for photo call outs.
      If you wish to contact us with a comment or story please get in touch here.

      All being well, the chat up lines and photos sent-in will be shown on tonight's programme, so remember to add your genuine first name and location to your comments and emails. Thank you.


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