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The 100th birthday blog of wisdom!

The One Show Team | 13:22 UK time, Friday, 22 May 2009

What wisdom has an older person passed onto you? Share the knowledge here.

All week we've been celebrating One Show viewers who are 100 years old in 2009.
Thank you to everyone who has got in touch.

We've added the names of our fabulous centenarians to our One Show 100th birthday page of honour! Click here for our birthday list.

As seen on The One Show - The book of wisdomAfter being around for such a long time, our 100-yr-olds know a thing or two. So we asked them  'What is the most significant thing life has taught you?'  And they replied...

Vera Evans: "Be optimistic, never pessimistic, it will always be a better day tomorrow".

Walter Tucker: "If there is one thing I've learnt in my life, it's that the support of your family means everything."

Essie Gauga: "To live and love, to be kind to people and always speak the truth".

Queenie Wells: "To work hard and play hard, enjoy what you do and don't waste time on things that you don't, be nice to people and they will be nice back."

George Milliagan as a young childGeorge Milligan: "Health is your wealth, family and friends are the most important things and possessions are of no importance".

Mabel Watson: "Family and friends, passion for life, enjoyment of going to whist drives and socialising"

Arthur Allsopp: "Everyone needs fresh air, sunshine, hard work and a cooked meal everyday to ensure a long healthy life".

Grace Salter: "To make the most of life - whatever its problems - and soldier on come what may. Never give up on anything and if it's worth doing it's worth doing well"

Jim Mount: "Stay loyal and true to those you love and gardening!"

Marion DaviesMarion Davies: "Most significant thing learnt is having a loving family."

George Cross: "At a children's service I heard a preacher mention about Joy in life and he mentioned the word JOY. And he said, if you want Joy in life put Jesus first, Others next and Yourself last. And it spells JOY. I have tried to practise this all my life and I still carry it out, and its proved a success."

John 'Sonny' Baker: "A long life is down to hard work, keeping fit, being happy and a strong family. The most important thing in the world is nature, for if we do not look after it then it will not look after us."

Words of wisdomAlfred Hardy: "A happy and successful marriage is the keystone of your life. (It stemmed from a young girl dropping her handkerchief by an oak tree and I picked it up)".

Horace 'Harry' Hoames: "The most significant thing that has happened to me in my life is coming home from Burma and seeing my wife. Look after your family and enjoy the time you have with them whilst they are here".

Minnie Whittaker: "To be happy in life and everything else will follow, to be patient and to have a good dinner!"

What wisdom has an older person passed onto you? What is the most significant thing you have learnt in your life?

Share your words of wisdom here.


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