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Fierce: Jamie's photo shortlist

The One Show Team | 14:42 UK time, Friday, 17 April 2009

One Show wildlife photographer Jamie Crawford has looked at the galleries and chosen his favourites. Here's his 'Fierce' top three:

  • 'Pigeon V Pigeon' by Jeremy Kelly from East Yorkshire


Pigeon v. PigeonLast summer, Jeremy Kelly was testing out a new lens for his camera when he saw some pigeons on the house opposite his. Of the couple of photos he took, this was the best one so he decided to submit it. Jeremy is 29 years old and always carries his camera with him. He takes photos of "everything and anything".


  • 'Eagle' by David Berkshire from Sunbury-on-Thames


EagleDavid's picture is of a bird of prey at Warwick Castle in Summer 2008.

Jamie's overall favourite in this category was:

  • 'Need to feed' by Terry Cavner from Blyth, Northumberland

Need to FeedTerry took this photo of a fox and rabbit last year after watching them on wetland near Blyth. He told us "I had been there every day, at 4am for almost a week. They had passed by me daily but I couldn't get a shot that I was happy with. Finally on the sixth day, the fox got the rabbit after a chase. I rattled off about nine shots, the fox was startled for a moment and in a flash spun around and bid a hasty retreat. I must admit I was ever so pleased with my result."

Terry is 57-yr-old rigging supervisor and takes photos of wildlife at every opportunity he has.



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