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Wasps: Bug Week episode four

Host_Ryan - One Show team | 12:59 UK time, Thursday, 20 November 2008

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George has been 'havin a McGavin' all week. He's been sucked by leeches, chewed by ticks and tonight he comes face to face with wasps.

They're one of the most hated insects in the country, says George. But he believes that this strength of feeling is unfair. Wasps use shock tactics to protect themselves from predators but if you're calm and don't startle them, it's very rare that they'll sting you.

Wasps are also incredibly useful. They're carnivorous which means that they'll happily eat your garden pests. So if your garden is flourishing, chances are your local wasps may have helped.

Do you have a wasp story to share? A family treatment for soothing the pain of a sting?

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