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Is it embarrassing to be posh?

Host_Ryan - One Show team | 14:03 UK time, Monday, 24 November 2008

It was revealed last week that Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has had voice-coaching lessons. It's been claimed that in the past year his voice has dropped in tone and his speaking style sounds less posh. It's also been noted that David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary may also have had voice-coaching lessons - apparently he's been dropping Ts from the ends of words etc - if true it would make him sound less grand.

For The One Show Gyles Brandreth has been investigating why people from different parts of the UK are sounding more and more like each other as their local accents and dialects die out with geographical and social mobility - a phenomenon that was nailed down more than a decade ago under the name 'dialect levelling'.

So what do you think, is it embarrassing to be posh? Or is a regional accent more of a hindrance?


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