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You're musical? Show us!

Host_Ryan - One Show team | 11:49 UK time, Thursday, 16 October 2008

One Show viewer Steve Murray, from Liverpool, has got in touch with us. Steve watched Adrian Chiles trying to Steve Murray - Bass Player / Singer / Songwriterplay bass guitar in front of One Show guests Mick Fleetwood and Art Garfunkel and wrote: "it looked like Adrian needed a few pointers on the bass so I've included a link to my page for him to get a few tips ;)".

So, we thought we'd share Steve's skills with the nation...

Click here to watch Steve Murray playing the bass (external website).

Steve went on to write: "I love the bass. I started playing years ago because I loved the sound of it. I played a bit in bands when I was younger and also went on Stars in their Eyes about 8 or 9 years ago (as Denis De Young from Styx singing 'Babe'). Nothing ever came of it though, not like the X-Factor nowadays where everyone seems to make a living out of one tv appearance !!! I've kept up the playing though (on and off) and don't think I'll ever stop now. I've had my current bass for about 20+ years now and there's no way I'll ever part with it."

You're musical? Show us!

One Show viewers - there must be many of you who can play instruments. Please share your passion for music with us.

Please add links to videos of your music, to your comments below. We'll then, at irregular intervals, showcase the best of the videos on The One Show blogs.


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