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Are you inventive?

Host_Ryan - One Show team | 12:42 UK time, Friday, 17 October 2008

Update - 24/10/08. Last Friday we featured Bill Currie and his Trappit invention for catching bugs in the home, without hurting the little things.

Marty presented him with his 'British Invention of the Year Award' gold medal live on the programme - but that wasn't the end of it.

Later that night he went on to win the award for the best invention in the whole show and now a major high-street retailer wants to stock it. Congratulations from The One Show, Bill!

17/10/08 - British Invention Show

Marty Jopson went to the annual British Invention Show. Two hundred designers descended on Alexandra Palace to showcase their creative ideas as well as bid for backers to support their inventions.

Marty met Bill Currie - a locksmith by trade but also an avid inventor and a regular at the British Inventors Show. Bill has been taking his inventions to the convention every year since 2003, and has won an award nearly every year he's attended.

This year, Bill's invention for the show is the 'Trappit'. - an attachment for the hose of your vacuum cleaner that allows you to gently suck up insects at arm's length. It's designed to trap the insects so they remain unharmed, allowing you to free them later.

The British have come up with some great inventions - television, football, computers, the steam engine - to name just a few. See also: John Baird and Thomas Savery.

So, if you've had a eureka moment, let us know. What are you inventing at the moment and what inspired you to create it? Or better still - what do you think needs to be invented?


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