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Do you think like a man or a woman? Take the test!

The One Show Team | 12:03 UK time, Monday, 7 September 2009

Every evening this week we're using science to challenge some gender stereotypes. On Monday, Michael Mosley asked who has the best hand-eye coordination, men or women? On Tuesday Michael will explore whether men really don't listen, on Wednesday he's asking who has the better sense of direction, Thursday's film is about the way we search for objects, and on Friday Michael examines men's need to show off in front of women.Screengrab of the 'Angles' task, Sex ID test

What sex is your brain?

Are you better at reading maps than your partner? How's your hand-to-eye coordination? Some researchers say that men can have 'women's brains' and that women can think more like men. To find out more about your brain, take our test:

  • Click here to take the Sex ID test.

  • If the test doesn't pop up, take part at BBC Science.

    Compare your brain to Anne Robinson's!Anne Robinson taking the test

    We're asking One Show guests and family members to take the 'Angles' task, part one of the Sex ID test. It takes about one minute to complete, and gives you a score out of 20.

    The scores so far

    Christine Bleakley: 19

    Adrian Chiles: 18

    Lenny Henry: 6 (though he did say he didn't have his glasses on!)

    Sir Stirling Moss: 6Sir Stirling Moss taking the test

    Anne Robinson: 9

    Males may generally score higher because they tend to pay more attention to space or the geometry of the world around them. Differences such as this may reflect differences in the brain.

    What's your score on the Angles task? What sex is your brain? Add your comment below.

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