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Should schools allow teachers to wear full-face veils?

The One Show Team | 15:47 UK time, Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Share your stories and experiences.

The debate over the wearing of the traditional Muslim burka entered Westminster yesterday when David Cameron said he didn't think a women wearing a full veil could be an effective teacher.

His comments came after a Muslim teacher was barred from a school's open day in Blackburn yesterday for refusing to remove her veil and have reignited the debate about just how free a woman is to wear what she chooses.

Lucy Seigle went to meet two Muslim women with differing views on the issue. Fatima, a British Muslim, explained that it's her personal choice to wear a burka, she does not believe she is oppressed.

But Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a Muslim and a journalist, told Lucy that some women are forced to wear the burka. She believes that the Koran does not state that women should cover their whole faces.

Should schools allow teachers to wear full-face veils? Share your stories and experiences.


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