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Graffiti - art or rubbish?

The One Show Team | 15:05 UK time, Monday, 22 June 2009

Graffiti - vandalism or modern art? Let us know your thoughts.

Graffiti by Banksy inLondonSpraying graffiti in public places is seen by many as anti-social behaviour.

But recently graffiti art has developed into a popular and profitable scene.

The growing global popularity of artists like Banksy has seen sales of graffiti art rise in the last year.

For The One Show, Cerrie Burnell visited a gallery in Bristol where Banksy is currently exhibiting. His work has gone from appearing on street corners to selling for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

But what about the graffiti on property, bus stops and public toilets across the UK? Should this be seen as art? The cost for removal across the UK is claimed to be as much as £27 million.

Graffiti: Is it art or vandalism?

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