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Dom Littlewood has been looking at cases where individuals have resorted to direct action against companies to get their complaints heard.

Dom met...

Dorothy Green, 79. Frustrated with the lack of communication from Norwich Union insurance regarding her complaint, she turned up at the offices wearing a placard - and then reported the Managing Director as a missing person, prompting the company to reach a settlement.

Patrick Askins - a BT customer who was overcharged £90 and then spent £200 in calls and letters trying get an explanation. BT resolved the issue after Patrick posted a video about his complaint onto the internet.

Brian Mullen, who took on Lloyds for charging him £1,500 overdraft charges. He claims that media coverage forced Lloyds to back down and pay up.

Remember the law!

Dom also met Georgina Godfrey, a lawyer with Which? Magazine. She reminded Dom that customers should "be careful of the legal implications" before taking direct action. "Everything you say has to be backed up with evidence", said Georgina, and "if you're asked to leave, leave."

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