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What do you think of the show? (06/02/09)

Host_Ryan - One Show team | 15:02 UK time, Friday, 6 February 2009

Mel B in the One Show studioThe extremely unscary and very lovely Mel B, joined us on the sofa.


It's believed that there are around 15,000 people squatting in Britain. Anita Rani met a variety of people who have been forced to squat, some in their own homes. Share your views.


Last week Tom Jones was snapped with a new hair colour; silver! Lucy Siegle wanted to know if UK men are brave enough to fade to grey. Send in your photos of any silver foxes that you know here.


Phil Tufnell found out the story behind Luke Fildes' painting The Doctor.


And Hardeep Singh Kohli examined a 1970s treasure, the hostess trolley. What are your favourite items from the past that you would like to see brought back? Plus send in your photos of treasures you can't bear to throw away.


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