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Sergeant quits Strictly! Has he done the right thing?

Host_Ryan - One Show team | 12:57 UK time, Wednesday, 19 November 2008

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The One Show's John Sergeant has decided to pull out of Strictly Come Dancing.

One Show viewer Joey aged six, from Derby is a Sergeant supporterHas John heeded The One Show bloggers? As far back as 10 November 'itahawk' wrote:
"John I think you must now do the right and noble thing and get your fans to stop voting for you. You must be the next one off otherwise it will make a mockery of Strictly Come Dancing which is a dance competition after all."

Sentiments echoed by One Show blogger Annie, from West Lothian. She wrote:
"Come on, John, Give us all a break and bow out gracefully, please. If the gorgeous glorious Christine gets voted off because of you we will never forgive you.

"Chuck it, John, you are a darling, but let's face it, ye cannae dance for toffee!"

But now that he has quit, the emails asking him to reconsider are starting to come in. Johanne Fludgate writes:One Show office became hushed as John announced his reasons for quitting

"I am very saddened by this news, he was a brilliant contestant and should not take notice of the mean and nasty things that are said about him. It is us the public that think you are great so please reconsider your decision and get back into the show. All you have done by quitting is play into the judges hands. Please, please keep dancing."

See also: Photos of John dancing. And exclusive Strictly video.

What do you think? Should John have pulled out of Strictly Come Dancing? Would he have won it? Did he get your vote? Have your say!

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