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She's done it! Christine Bleakley has water-skied across the Channel

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The One Show Team | 18:06 UK time, Wednesday, 10 March 2010

She's done it! Christine has crossed the English Channel on water-skis!
Read the story below. Watch The One Show tonight for the TV report.

Christine - back in the UK after completing challenge

9:45am: "Thank you all for your support!" said Christine after crossing the channel. "Every Christine on French beachmuscle is aching, and I just cried a river. You see these huge ships coming past you and it's quite a lonely experience. It's been very intense, the toughest thing I've ever done." Christine spoke to Ken Bruce on Radio 2. She's pictured, right, on French beach! 

9:26am: Message from Lynne, support team: "She's done it! She left at 7:46. We think the finish time is 9:26".

9:23am: Mario on the support boat says "One mile to go!" 

9:13am: Update from Mario on the support boat. "Christine is in good spirits. We're 17 miles in and can see France. She's exhausted and has taken a bashing but the waves have calmed down slightly since we entered French waters. She's doing great. I think she can do it."

Christine heading towards France!


Christine has reached the halfway point. Eleven miles to go. Come on Christine!

8:49am: Lynne, support team, says: "Nine miles done and they can see France". Can Christine do it?

8:35am: "Seventh fall - seven miles done. Cold, hard, slog." says Sport Relief's Twitter. Fifteen miles still to go. Come on Christine! 

Christine water-skiing to France8:28: Message from Lynne, support team. Christine is still going but "six miles and she's fallen in five times".

Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 is also reporting on Christine's progress: The challenge "is proving much tougher than even her support team thought". 

8:16am: "She is having to wait in the water for a huge tanker to pass! As well as being cold, windy and wet, the channel is also the busiest shipping lane in the world." From Sport Relief's Twitter. 

8:11am: Message from Lynne, on the shore:  "She's done three miles and fallen in twice".

Christine can't fall in too many times, if she's to complete the challenge. She's travelling at around 20mph - hitting the water too often will tire her out. 

8:00am: Message from Lynne on the shore: "I understand she fell off 6 mins in". Christine is now back on her water-skis and still going, as far as we know.

 Christine water skiing

 7:46am: Christine has set off across the English Channel! Good luck Christine!

Christine on the beach7:35am: Christine's on the beach.

Final preparations.

Christine - final preparations 

7:28: "She's about 5 mins away from leaving"

Christine posing for pics 7:10am Christine's promoting her challenge to the world's press. Christine: "I've talked about it, I've trained for it. Now I've got to do it."

Update: Friday 12th March, 7.00am.

Welcome to the live blog! Being updated morning of Friday 12th March 2010.

Christine is in Dover and preparing to water-ski across the channel THIS morning.

Thanks to Mario Biancacci on the support boat, Lynne Jones on the shore, and the Sport Relief Twitter feed. Live blogging by Ciarán Ryan. 

Christine in Dover, preparing - camera phone picUpdate: Thursday 11th March, 6:20pm.

Fingers crossed! Weather permitting, Christine will be attempting to water-ski challenge across the English Channel tomorrow (Friday morning). If all goes to plan she'll set off from Dover at 7.30am.

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