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Newsround refresh

Sinead Rocks | 12:55 UK time, Monday, 29 September 2008

It's a day of change here at Newsround. After months of preparation, our TV programmes have had a bit of a refresh. We've got a new studio look, new titles and a new theme tune.

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Actually, the last bit is not strictly true. Those of you who grew up watching John Craven's Newsround may think it sounds a bit familiar...if you can cast your minds back far enough.

Our composer Chris Banks has rearranged and remixed it so that it doesn't sound too retro for our target audience of six- to 12-year-olds. So the bongos are out but I think we've managed to retain some of the same sense of urgency that managed to grab my attention when I was a child. That was one of our main aims when we decided to make changes.

Newsround is still the only daily news service for children in the UK but that doesn't mean we are guaranteed an audience. Children have so many more media sources to choose from these days that it's vital for us to move with the times.

It's clearly not just about new titles and music; we need to focus on finding stories that are relevant to children's lives and we need to cover them in an engaging way. We're going to ask our audience for feedback later this evening. I'll let you know how we get on...

UPDATE, 01 OCT 08, 05:00 PM: As promised - the verdict on our new look is in from our very discerning audience and it's about 80% positive.

Iona, 12 from Scotland says it's "awesome and amazing". Conrad from Buckinghamshire is 14 and describes it as "very futuristic". Eleven-year-old Eve from Stockport is less keen though. She's thinks our refresh is "mindless self-indulgence" - which is a bit harsh!

My favourite comment comes from 10-year-old Mohammed from Birmingham who says: "Well, it's obvious that it's not brilliant...I'm lying - it's brilliastic!" You can read more here.

SportsBod - the new music is a remix of the Johnny One Note intro - the outro in Craven's days came from the BBC's Radiophonic workshop and yes we've brought it back too. You'll have to watch one of our shows all the way through to hear it though!



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