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On with the music

Peter Rippon | 10:18 UK time, Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The PM programme logoWe do a lot about dead people on Radio Four. There are those who argue an elderly man dying should not be a news story, but we often find reflecting on someone's life irresistible. The traditional way of doing a radio 'obit' is to get other people to pay tribute, but on PM we prefer to hear from the person themselves by running an old interview or, as in Ronnie Hazlehurst's case, just experiencing a body of work. Enjoy.

The BBC is currently debating what it is for. Thank you for your contribution to the debate Ronnie.


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  • At 03:46 PM on 03 Oct 2007,
  • Brian Butterworth wrote:

A slice of PM yesterday was Mr Hazlehurst's theme tunes, tuned into Five Live earlier for a selection of BBC children's theme tunes.

Seems a bit lazy to me...

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  • At 03:50 PM on 03 Oct 2007,
  • Bedd Gelert wrote:

This is great, but it be wonderful to hear some of Ned Sherrin's 'best of' on the show as well. Although no doubt there may be a more formal programme about this, so you may not want to trample on anyone else's toes.

But he was a Radio 4 institution, and it would counter the feeble claim of some young ignoramus on the Have Your Say that they cover the deaths of 'nobodies'.

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  • At 04:29 PM on 03 Oct 2007,
  • David G wrote:

Rumour has it that a lot of the dead people on Radio 4 are still doing the interviews on the Today programme.

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