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Host Host | 12:58 UK time, Monday, 6 August 2007

This week's Newswatch, the programme which discusses viewers' complaints about BBC News, comes from Northern Ireland. TV News editor, Angelina Fusco, talks about the challenges facing BBC News there.

You can watch the programme by clicking here.


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  • At 09:41 PM on 06 Aug 2007,
  • JAMES wrote:

The long suffering public has been criticising the BBC and most of the media for a long time now.
It has taken the appalling, long running, character assassination of Tony Blair and a number of massive BBC gaffes to bring matters to a head and to start media infighting.
Matters will calm down but it is very unlikely that there will be any fundamental change. The basic problem is that there is more media than news. We have a surplus of journalists all trying to make a name for themselves and in the process adding gratuitous comment and opinion. Add to that the political motivation of the tabloids and others.
The public has also, in recent years, been very well educated in the existence of “spin” It now wants the news, the whole news, and nothing but the news. If there is none keep the news program short: someone falling off a bicycle in China does not qualify and is not of interest.
Finally, everyone concerned is well aware of the above. We now need action not words. Some hope!.

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  • At 03:37 AM on 07 Aug 2007,
  • Guy Fox wrote:

Frankly... the BBC should stop browbeating itself over minor scandals intitiated by a few miscreants. Compared to the Amerikan newes media, the BBC has stellar integrity. It's not perfect, but is one of the best in the world.

The Brits should be proud of the BBC. More than I can say for the corp-rat propagan-duh of the Amerikan media. It's really shocking how bad things have gotten over here across the pond. Rome is burning and we have a naked nitwit emperor at the helm of the $hip of $tate.

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