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Realtime blogging

Simon Waldman | 16:36 UK time, Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Mildly apprehensive at something we're trying out for the first time tomorrow - a real-time editor's blog live from the News 24 studio gallery.

BBC News 24 logoSo, as well as trying to keep abreast of all the breaking news, getting it on air quickly and accurately, attempting to keep the presenters at least vaguely informed of what might be coming at them next, talking to our correspondents and guests, nagging (should that be "encouraging"?) my hyperactive production team etc etc etc, I will be having a stab at writing a blog at the same time.

If it works, it might give you a fly-on-the-wall insight into how a continuous news channel operates: how and why we reach our decisions on editorial and production issues; the last-minute changes in running orders; which stories merit ditching all other news to 'roll'; how we react when things don't go entirely according to plan (which, since you ask, is rather more often than is good for one's health).

And if the liveblog doesn't work, we'll simply file it under "who the hell came up with THAT daft idea?". Watch this space from 10:00 (UK time) tomorrow morning...


I think it's a good idea, although I reckon you might have your work cut out for you but I suppose if it benefits you and the viewers over what they want to see it's only a good thing...

Best of Luck, You'll Need It.

Why not just stream gallery talkback? People can hear the decision-making process live. You might air a few cock-ups, but you'd end rather more conspiracy theorists dreams!

this is why the bbc is a good thing. there's not many commercial stations that would bother with this sort of experiment, shareholders would not stand for it.
good luck Simon! if you have time to write more than "waaaaaa" i'll be impressed!

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  • At 05:52 PM on 11 Jul 2007,
  • NC wrote:

I'd love to hear live audio from the gallery. Does digital TV red button have the capability to have alternative audio tracks?

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  • At 06:50 PM on 11 Jul 2007,
  • Adam wrote:

A brave experiment, but all power to you for having the adventurous spirit to attempt it. Good luck!

Thanks for the good luck messages!
Adrian - I'm not sure the public is QUITE ready to hear our gallery talkback. Much of the language is unintelligible, techie TV-speak; some of it is possibly a tad fruity for general consumption - particularly in the morning.... Nice idea, though.

Leading the pack of talented journalists is full of challenge but obviously is daunting as well. At least you cannot be accused of not trying. The BBC thrives on innovative ideas so this experiment will be backed to the hilt by your team as well as your dear readers.Feeling the surge of adrenelin must be driving you to new heights.Humour, originality, expertise and a sharp eye for detail explain why the BBC is a cut above the rest. Keep the BBC flag high and fluttering.

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  • At 09:28 PM on 11 Jul 2007,
  • Martin wrote:

Or maybe we could have less of the annoying inter-presenter chat and some more news?

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  • At 09:42 PM on 11 Jul 2007,
  • Anthony wrote:

Adrian - an excellent reason for not providing live gallery talkback was provided by Sky News during their last general election night coverage.

Whether by accident or design they left the audio feed to the gallery open on the interactive channel showing their 'gallery cam'.

It took about 30 minutes before the first libellous four letter tirade issued forth over the airwaves, followed quickly by a technical malfunction which left their staff watching the results come in on BBC1 before typing them into the Sky News graphics package manually.

Hilarious and utterly compelling viewing into the small hours, but maybe taking interactivity too far.

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  • At 09:50 PM on 11 Jul 2007,
  • Kenneth wrote:

Nice one, as others have said, you may well regret this either if something of note happens or trying to keep up with comments, but I'll definitely be interested in the result.
To go along with this, could you outline the rest of your day before/after you are on air?

Good luck

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  • At 11:33 PM on 11 Jul 2007,
  • C Morrison wrote:

I wish the BBC would stop messing about with unworkable innovations and just make the news accessible.

I lipread PMQs on the BBC's video every week - or rather I used to, when there was a video. I can't watch PMQs live because I work, and I'm very deaf, so need to a play back facility to help lipread points I miss.

I've just spent some time *trying* to open your latest box of tricks to watch today's PMQs but was unable to open this and was forced to give up.

While I am grateful for the transcription the BBC provides, I do want to watch PMQs. However, this week, it seems, I shall not be able to do so.

Please, BBC, will you resume normal service as soon as possible?

Anthony - I remember the election night episode well... another powerful reason for NOT supplying the sound from our gallery talkback!

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  • At 11:47 AM on 13 Jul 2007,
  • Miranda wrote:

I think this blog is inspirational. Please keep it going. It's fascinating to hear whats happening on a breaking news desk. I am a languages student at the Unviersity of Durham and I am particularly interested in a career dealing with breaking news (not necessarily journalism, perhaps something administrative within a fast/furious office like this) How could I find work experience? I would be very grateful indeed for your ideas. Thank you

It's a good idea. I think you could use Twitter, too.

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