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BBC in the news, Tuesday

Host Host | 10:23 UK time, Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Financial Times: Reports that the BBC has hired former CBS executive producer Rome Hartman to develop a new one-hour evening news bulletin for US audiences. (link)


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  • At 03:08 PM on 14 Jun 2007,
  • Joan Goodwin wrote:

Re the 'Child obesity' news item today (Thursday 14th June 2007),
whilst agreeing that obesity is a problem in today's society, particularly for children, I would like to point out that taking weight and age together does not give the whole picture.
My 3 year 5 month old grandson would be classed at risk for his weight against his age, but on looking at his height against age he is also at the top end of the scale. Putting his date of birth, today's height and weight readings into a childen's BMI calculator, his BMI was 15.0 which is in the healthy range. If not all relevant information is taken into account then some parents may feel that they are being accused of neglect when they obviously are not.
As far as the BMI for adults is concerned, no account is taken of the build of the person (e.g heavy bones, large frame) and again a figure showing obesity may not in actual fact be as bad as it looks.

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