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BBC in the news, Tuesday

Host Host | 10:49 UK time, Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The Independent: Reports that the BBC is to close its online education service, BBC Jam, with the loss of 200 jobs based there. (link)

Daily Mail: "The 14-year-old daughter of BBC news presenter Gavin Esler has revealed in a television interview how she battled cancer." (link)


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  • At 07:13 AM on 17 May 2007,
  • Raidet Jenks wrote:

I don't think it's very clever to express "disappointment" in John Sweeney in such an childishly sanctimonious manner. He had been constantly accosted all week by perhaps the most nefarious and irritating man in existence. What image is the BBC trying to portray? That it's run by mindless automatons, and that any expression of emotion - however appropriate - is deemed unseemly? Do grow up.

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  • At 10:52 AM on 17 May 2007,
  • Sarah Volpe wrote:

I am from Australia and have just watched John Sweeny's report. I wish to congrualte him. To be treated the way he was no wonder he exploed.

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  • At 08:05 AM on 18 May 2007,
  • Shree wrote:

John Sweeney, thank you very much to a great insight of the church of sciencetlogy operate. Great reporting and this is what we as a public would like to see and learn about.

You have basically saved me from joining them. May have saved my life too.

I watched it last night in horror on how these people operate. (I am glad that Today Tonight - Australian Current News programme showed it on PrimeTime in Australia.)

I am so shocked and scared about sciencetology now.

I knew they were nasty piece of work when I saw interview on 60 minutes in Australia on how Tom Cruise got angry with our reporter.

Now it clearly proved how this people will do anything to ruin John Sweeney. We need to make a stand on this and should not allow them to ruin more people life.

Thanks again for great Reporting.

Sydney, Australia

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  • At 05:15 PM on 20 May 2007,
  • Neil Duffy wrote:

Sandy Smith says "a portrait of an extraordinary organisation which will not accept any criticism of itself whatsoever."

A comment which, in my view, could with equal justification be aimed at the BBC.

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  • At 06:53 AM on 23 May 2007,
  • John Smith wrote:

The conflict with Scientology is a major embarrasment for the BBC and John Sweeney's career has been tarnished. Rude, negative and derogatory accusations and questions are no stangers in the media. To ask someone, "Have you been brainwashed into a sinister cult?" is about intelligent a question as "Are you an idiot in a stupid religion ?". Such queries don't do anyone justice and they have a right to defend themselves vigorously against such offensive questions. I'm not a scientologist but I'm now a fan of the organisation after watching such an impressive and bold defence against one of the world's most influential media groups.

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